Wedding Catering for Tyler Joseph and Wife Jenna Joseph

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Featured Wedding: Tyler and Jenna Joseph (21 Pilots)

In the heart of Ohio, hometown hero Tyler Joseph, lead singer of 21 Pilots, tied the knot with his lovely bride, Jenna. It was an honor for us at PC Events to cater their unforgettable wedding.

We were proud to be able to provide a memorable catered wedding for the couple. 

With a legacy of providing quality food and impeccable service since 1990, we understand that every wedding deserves special care and dedication. Our experienced team ensures your big day is flawlessly complemented with delectable cuisine and prompt service.

Let us take one worry off your wedding list - dinner! Our exclusive wedding package includes all the details, making it an incredible dining experience for your guests. Consider a sit-down dinner for an extra touch of elegance that will linger in their hearts. And if you have unique ideas, we're here to create a customized menu just for you. Make your special day truly unforgettable with PC Events Wedding Catering.

Since 1990, it has been our goal to provide quality food and prompt professional service for every wedding. We feel that a catering event cannot be completely successful without the care and dedication that our staff can provide.

We have worked with brides and grooms to help them check one big item off their wedding list: dinner!

We have a great package set up exclusively for weddings that include all the little things, in addition to the fabulous cuisine.

If you’re looking for something to make that day even more special, may we suggest a sit-down dinner for an incredible dining experience your guests won’t soon forget. Of course, if you have something unique in mind, please contact us and we can help to customize your menu.

Wedding Reception for Tyler and Wife Jenna Joseph

First, from our staff at PC Events Catering, we would love to wish Tyler and Jenna a lifetime of happiness! Being able to cater their wedding was truly an honor.

Tyler and Jenna were married on March 28, 2015.


Photos of Tyler and Jenna's Wedding Day

The dinner buffet included a prime rib carving station, multiple chicken entrees and plenty of side dishes. Here are some photos captured at the wedding. 

The Tyler and Jenna Joseph Wedding Menu Items included:

  • Spinach Lasagna
  • Carving Station of Boneless Honey Ham
  • Slow Cooked Beef Tips in a demi brown bourbon sauce
  • Chicken Breast Topped with Vermont Cheddar and Virginia Ham
  • Special Meat Lasagna With Beef, Ricotta, Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Marinara Sauce
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu

You can view our catering and banquet wedding menu options if you are interested in seeing what types of catering packages we can put together for you by visiting our homepage. We also have special DISCOUNTED wedding catering and banquet packages!

Interested in having a Catered Wedding like Tyler and Jenna Joseph's? 

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21 Pilots wedding Tyler Joseph Jenna Joseph

Tyler and Jenna Joseph Wedding

21 Pilots wedding Tyler Joseph Jenna Joseph

Tyler and Jenna Joseph Wedding

Iron Gate Equestrian Center wedding catered by PC Events catering

Tyler and Jenna Joseph Wedding


Tyler and Jenna Joseph Wedding

Iron Gate Equestrian Center wedding catering by PC Events

Tyler and Jenna Joseph Wedding

21 Pilots wedding Tyler Joseph Jenna Joseph

Tyler and Jenna Joseph Wedding

21 Pilots Studio Albums

  • Twenty One Pilots - December 2009
  • Regional at Best - July 2011
  • Vessel - January 2013
  • Blurryface - May 1015
  • Trench - October 2018
  • Scaled and Icy - May 2021