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June 25, 2018
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Summer Catering in Columbus OH

Your Summer Catering Specialist!

PC Event's summer catering service is personally committed to excellent service, dependability, and quality. You will be pleased with the attention our staff provides you at your special occasion. We have been serving Columbus and Central Ohio for since 1992! We would be pleased to serve you. At PC Events summer catering, we guarantee the finest-quality food and variety of menus to enhance your summer celebration.

Have fun with PC Events' Summer Catering!

There's nothing better than a good outdoor catering event! PC Events' summer catering services allows you the luxury of time to spend with your guests. Enjoy your summer barbecues more because we do all the work! You'll find all the best summer catering services you need if you are looking for simple hamburgers all the way to BBQ ribs and New York Strip steaks! If you would like to find out what types of food we offer, then please view our Cookout and Barbecue Menu >> for complete details and pricing.

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